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The Results

Student Budget Consultation 2020, the students have spoken!

For the second time in Quebec, high school and CEGEP students participated in the Student Budget Consultation, an initiative coordinated by CIVIX-Quebec that gives young people an opportunity to learn more about the Government of Quebec’s revenues and expenditures, its public policies and allows them to share their budget priorities. The opinions of 349 students from across the province were collected through a survey conducted in partnership with IPSOS between February 13 and April 17, 2020.
Please note that the outbreak of COVID-19 and the subsequent closure of schools had a significant impact on this year’s participation rate.


Here are the highlights:

  • Environment – Students see the environment as a high priority and think the government should do more to fight against climate change, even if it means higher costs. They also put protecting the environment ahead of economic development and would like to see stricter environmental regulations, even if it results in higher prices for consumers.
  • Employment – Young people are optimistic about their future job prospects in Quebec. They would address the labour shortage by by making improvements to working conditions and an easier recognition of diplomas received overseas.
  • Economy – Students are in favour of more government services, even if it means raising taxes. They also support more investment to strengthen the economy in different regions of the province.
  • Education – Students see education as an important issue and are in favor of free education. They Want the government to increase spending on education and improve working conditions for teachers.

About the Student Budget Consultation

The Student Budget Consultation gives students the opportunity to learn about government revenues and expenditures and to discuss current political issues. The program also gives them a chance to share their opinions about the provincial budget.

About the organization

CIVIX-Quebec is a non-profit organization dedicated to building the habits of active and engaged citizenship among young Quebecers. CIVIX-Quebec provides experiential learning opportunities to help students practice their rights and responsibilities as citizens and connect with their democratic institutions.


For more information

Please contact Pascal Dodard : [email protected] or 1-833-503-3366.

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