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”Part of the budgetary process is to consult all the stakeholders of the Quebec society and that's why we're consulting you today. We are asking you some very important questions. With your professors, you will study the financial framework's documents, you will listen to the stakeholders' opinion, you will form your own opinions and recommendations for the next budget. We're looking forward to hear what your priorities are.”- Eric Girard, Quebec Finance Minister

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Budget Basics

What is a budget?
What are the Québec government's revenues and expenditures?
Learn the basics by watching three short animated videos.

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Expert Assessment

What are the important issues facing Québec?
How can those priorities be addressed in the 2020 budget?
Watch experts voice their perspectives.

Part 2 of 3

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Party Perspectives

Which issues do the parties believe need to be addressed?

Watch political representatives provide their parties’ perspectives on what should be the budget priorities.

Part 3 of 3

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